Training We Offer In-Person and Online

Coaching to Enhance Performance® is a proactive observation and coaching process designed to develop an engaged thinking workforce through a collaborative learning environment that creates immediate behavior change.

Who: Supervisors, Managers, and HOP & Safety Advocates (those who are responsible for observation of work activities and its corresponding feedback)

2-Versions: Worker Awareness and Management / Staff

Trigger Training© is designed to aid all employees in identifying when they are in a state of uncertainty, and it’s time to STOP and seek assistance, solidifying a worker’s Stop Work Authority.

Who: All

Critical Steps provides a strategic approach into managing the risk of human error where it is most important and provides practical guidance for safe operations in high-hazard environments.

Who: FLW, Sups. Mgrs., and HOP Advocates

2-Versions: Worker Level and Supervisor and Above

HOP Event Reporting and Analysis (HERA) course has been designed to help improve all investigation activities and associated communications post-event, using the principles and concepts of Human and Organizational Performance.

Who: Supervisors, Managers, and HOP Advocates

2-Versions: Supervisors and Managers and Above

Fail Safe provides a proactive approach to manage harmafter a failure or fault and place an asset in a safe state if possible.

Who: All (focus Frontline Workers and Supervisors)

2-Versions: Worker Level and Supervisor and Above

Human and Organizational Performance (HOP) Fundamentals help organizations understand HOP principles and practices in their journey towards becoming a High Reliability Organization (HRO).

Who: All

HOP Error Prevention Tools are designed to maximize reliability and reduce and or eliminate human error by enhancing worker’s ability to maintain positive control and produce precision execution during high-risk work.

Who: All