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    HOPE provides each client with practical and easy to administer products that are simple to integrate into existing processes. Our overall goal with each client is to provide them with tailored products to support their specific needs. Our consulting and training services are always provided in a collaborative way to provide our clients with the opportunity to have ownership of the final product. Our preference is to pass on our knowledge, tools, and materials so that each client can have independence and sustainability. It is our intent to fully transfer the requested technology, so that the client can apply the technology without assistance. We do not promote a co-dependent relationship unless so desired. Upon request, HOPE SMEs will work closely with each client to build in-house expertise that can continue with the products that we have provided.

    HOPE Consulting LLC (HOPE) comprises a team of subject-matter experts (SMEs) in the fields of Human Performance Improvement, High Reliability Organizations, Human Reliability, Causal Factor Analysis, industrial safety, complex system operations, maintenance, work management, change management, process improvement, procedure writing, and leadership training. Our team of experts bring their diverse backgrounds and experiences to each client and their unique work environments. It is our belief that each customer should be provided with the best that our team has to offer. HOPE has provided services and support in the following industries: Electric Utility, Chemical, Oil & Gas, Chemical Weapons Disposal and Airlines.

    HOPE focuses on clients specific needs and not just selling ‘off-the-shelf’ products or services. We do this by collaborating with each client to understand current performance and culture within their organization. If the client has current performance data that describes current areas that need improvement, we evaluate and develop a customized approach. If there is no current performance data that identifies strengths and weaknesses, we have a team of experts that conduct comprehensive assessments and can schedule this needed step for sustainability of any new performance-enhancing initiatives.

    It’s simple, just contact us through this website via chat or we can be reached at: 1-817-716-9727 or 1-208-569-2382.

    Yes, we have a sister company, High Reliability Training (HRT), that provides video-based online training or VBT. Our VBT is unique and “not your mother’s” online training. Meaning that it is not the dull, boring PowerPoint slide show or the talking head lecture formats. For more information, please visit our HRT website: https://www.trainhro.com/

    Yes, a fantastic by-product of a comprehensive look at human performance or High Reliability Organizations/Operations, is the enhancement of safety in all facets: industrial (personal), asset, and environmental.

    Human Performance is the behavior of an individual to accomplish a specific result. In this study of behavior, it is typically focused on minimizing errors that can lead to undesirable events and identifying organizational issues in the work environment that can hinder the safe and high-quality of work. The result of improved human performance is seen in the quality and reliability of goods or services.

    An organization that operates successfully and persistently in an unforgiving physical, social, or political environment, rich with the potential for error, and where complex processes are used to manage a complex technology to ensure success and avoid failure. Sometimes HRO is used to denote the processes of high reliability operations.

    Unfavorable conditions present in the workplace or in the mind of the performer that increases the chance of error for a performer in the here and now. A type of local factor that creates uncertainty of a human action. A workplace condition (either external or internal to the individual’s body and mind) that inhibits the reliability of desired performance. Error precursors can increase error rate 2-50X

    Yes. When the organization improves their human performance, the byproduct is an improvement in safety in the areas of personnel, asset, and environmental safety.

    We typically set up a web-call for introduction and a description of any performance shortfalls that the client has seen. We encourage clients to allow us to assess their current performance if an assessment has not been done. The assessment helps us to better understand the key focus areas needed for improvement and allows us to customize training and mentoring to accomplish the client’s improvement goals and timelines.